What To Do If Your Ceiling Leaks After Heavy Rain

How To Stop Roof Leaks During Heavy Rain

ceiling leaking from rainPeople are often surprised when their roof starts leaking. Even though everything looks great and smooth on the outside, as soon as it starts to storm heavily, their ceiling gives in. Most people are not prepared for these kind of things, as soon as it happens, you’re bound to hear people say “what do we do”? Now, given you wanted to get your hands dirty right then and there – one of the best things to do would be use cement.  However if you’re reading this right now, my guess is going to be that you are not in that position.  You are on emergency mode and the first thing that you should do is grabbing a bucket! Make sure it is big enough and place it right under where the leak is dripping.  Now that you have temporarily solved that problem, the bucket is sort of like hourglass.

What’s Next For Stopping Leaks?

When the rain subsides, there’s going to be a several steps you would need to take to completely put this problem under your belt.  Another good reason to wait until the rain subsides, is that sometimes it could be a plumbing problem.  If it leaks when it’s raining and stops when it’s not, then we will know that it was a problem in the roof.

Now let’s get down to business. You’re going to have to clear up the area right where the leak is coming from and soak up any water with a towel. You’re going to need a couple of tools and materials, first of all you’re going to have to make up patch.  This is best done using roof tar along with a piece of shingle (piece of plywood works too).  From the inside, use a flat board or knife tool spread the tar  along the source of the leak, place the plywood or  shingle on a directly and then apply more spreading.

You have just stopped your room from getting drenched, and you have stopped water from entering the house. This is not a permanent solution but it is the best one can do while there’s crazy storm going outside. What it is dry and safe, take proper measurements and put a permanent solution to the problem based on your budget by either fully repairing or calling a contractor to fix the issue.